Buffalo Gouge

Buffalo Gouge was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma of Creek and Cherokee ancestry, and is a contemporary Native American artist. His style of work is fast with bright colors, painting all types of subjects, with portraits being his main interest.  His painting style has changed over the years dramatically.  Since attending the Institute Of American Indian Arts, (I.A.I.A.) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, his work has changed even more.  When you look at his paintings some say it resembles artists like T.C. Cannon, John Nieto and Malcom Furlow. Others say he has a style of his own.

From the beginning of where Buffalo’s talent for drawing and painting began to take aim, the Creek/Seminole artist, Jerome Tiger, was his biggest inspiration and still is. The beauty and graceful style of tiger’s paintings, was what capture Buffalo’s attention. Gouge says, “My 8th grade art teacher showed me a few Oklahoma Native American artists like Robert Redbird, Rance Hood, and Gary White Deer. When he showed me Jerome Tiger, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how strong and graceful his paintings were. I studied and studied his paintings for the next few years.”


Finding Me II Ready For The Future"
“Finding Me I” Sold, $850
Acrylic On Paper*
“Finding Me II” Sold, $1500
Acrylic On Canvas
“Ready For The Future”
Acrylic On Paper*
2006©  Sold, $950
*(90lbs Press Stonehenge)

Gouge’s mother, family, friends and other professional artists have always supported him, pushing him to go further.  All his art teachers encouraged him to try different mediums and techniques, to go beyond the point of no return.

Buffalo currently resides in Oklahoma. Buffalo returned to Santa Fe, NM in 2000 to finish his degree in fine arts. After receiving his AFA degree in fine arts he continued to stay in Santa Fe to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a full time professional artist. In 2004, he reached his dream of becoming a full time artist. “I did it! I can’t believe I’m living my dream, and to be doing it here in Santa Fe New Mexico.”

Reaching his dream was no easy task as many artists know. Buffalo had his fair share of frustration, doubts, and discouragements in reaching his dream, “I’m still learning about the fine art world and learning about myself, the artist. I owe a lot to my family and friends for being there to help me get through those rough and frustrating times.”

It was Buffalo’s destiny to be an artist. His path was already laid down before him, “Ever since I can remember I loved to draw, doodle, or color,” Buffalo went through a dry spell after leaving college in 1993, “I went through a 6 year spell where I didn’t pick up a brush or anything. My love for painting was always in my heart. I was just looking for Buffalo Gouge, the artist.” If Elijah had not come into Buffalo’s life and if he hadn’t taken the path that he chose, there’s no telling what Buffalo would be doing today. “My son is the reason why I began to paint again. When I brought out my paints and brushes and started to paint Elijah was right there watching me closely.

Buffalo is a talented artist here in the Art Exchange Gallery. He has incredible promise, talent and enthusiasm.

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