Greg Allen



Inspired by the mystical terrain of the desert Southwest, artist Greg Allen brings to life the landscape of the Southwest, capturing it’s light, forms, and architecture. His canvases are illuminated from within and viewers experience an overwhelming sense of familiarity, intimacy, and innocence. There is an authenticity, a purity of vision, which is delineated throughout the works. Many of his oil paintings possess a distinctively classical composition, while others are imbued with a contemporary painterly surface. As one who has, and continues to experiment with line, color, and form, Greg Allen’s paintings are invested with more than 40 years of experience.

He credits his parents for recognizing his talents, at an early age, and providing him art instruction from Nora Robertson, while growing up in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Allen also credits plein-aire painter Mike Johnson, formerly of Santa Fe, NM, and Joe Ireland of Mesilla, NM for helping him develop his skill and aesthetic vision, while keeping his own unique style.

He and his wife Margie are both native New Mexicans, who met in Santa Fe. They have called El Paso, TX home, since 1989. Allen has managed to become a very prolific painter. “I spend as much time painting, as I can; it’s my passion!”

“The stark reality of nature stirs my need to capture a subject. I want the viewer to experience that same emotion, to which I was drawn. The challenge comes in depicting the subject, to enough of a likeness, that others can share a common or similar feeling, and be drawn in as well.”

“I am inspired by the paintings of western legend, Maynard Dixon, however I also love the works of the early Taos and Santa Fe painters, too, especially Martin Hennings and Walter Ufer. Their work captured so much of what Northern New Mexico and the Southwest is all about.”

He has received accolades and won honors in many juried exhibits, most notably: “Best of Show” El Paso Art Association’s 2012 Arts International “Best of Show” NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum’s 2005 Show, Las Cruces, NM “Best of Show” Galeria De Senecu Show 2005, El Paso, TX United Way Campaign Poster Artist 2006, El Paso County, TX Permanent Collection, City of El Paso, TX 2013 (2 paintings), 2014 (3 paintings) Permanent Collection, University Medical Center of El Paso, TX 2012 (6 paintings) Permanent Collection, Providence Memorial Hospital of El Paso, TX 1998 Permanent Collection, International Museum of Art, El Paso, TX 2000 Juried into Oil Painters of America, 2015 -2017 .

Greg’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries and shows across New Mexico and West Texas. His oils are in private collections in Mexico, France, and throughout the United States, including San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, El Paso, and many other cities.

“We are very fortunate to have Greg Allen in our gallery. His work offers a feel for the past with a contemporary flair that satisfies many viewers and collectors”. Jeff Tabor, Art Exchange Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.



Back of card for his solo show at Art Exchange Gallery July 2017



greg-allen-morning-red-rocks greg-allen-tunyo-black-mesa greg-allen-toas-mountain
“Morning Red Rocks”
“Tunyo Black Mesa”
30″x40″  Sold
“Taos Mountain”
greg-allen-the-way greg-allen-spring-el-santuario greg-allen-new-mexico-true
“The Way”
16″x20″  Sold
“Spring El Santuario”
20″x16″  Sold
“New Mexico True”
greg-allen-near-ottowi-bridge greg-allen-late-day greg-allen-dos-alamos
“Near Ottowi Bridge”
“Late Day”
8″x10″  Sold
“Dos Alamos”
greg-allen-autumn-on-the-mimbres greg-allen-aspens greg-allen-a-river-runs-through-it
“Autumn On The Mimbres”
“A River Runs Through”
“Cliffs At Ghost Ranch”

Al Bahe



Allen Bahe


Al Bahe is a talented painter of Navajo tradition. His unassuming presence is punctuated by flashes of inspiration that let you know he has defined his artistic direction. His art and his life are inseparable.  His Native American roots, and his experiences growing up in Northern Arizona with his eight siblings all contribute to who he is.  Al and his family settled in Shonto, Arizona where he studied at the Indian School and stood out among his peers.

Following his service in the Marines, Al’s talent prompted tribal elders to award him a scholarship while he attended the Art Institute in Santa Fe.  His style was already mature, but credentials do help a career.  Studies at Northern Arizona University prepared Al even further.

Today Al has returned to his roots and paints eight to ten hours a day in his studio in Shonto, Arizona. In 2002 his work won Best of Division and Judges’ Choice Award at the prestigious Heard Museum Annual Native American Art Show and Sale.  He is a content human being, alone with the land, his family, and his art.  His trademark Navajo Yeii figures, often wrapped in blankets, continue to be his first artistic love and his most consistent theme. There is a story behind wrapping the Yeii.  Tribal elders consider showing the world exact images of the traditional dress and body paint somewhat sacrilegious.  Therefore, the use of the blanket covering sensitive details made the work more palatable to the elders.

“Al is one of the most talented Native artists that I have seen to date” says Jeff Tabor, art curator.

Exhibitions, Honors and Activities:

“Featured Artist”, August, 2006, Art Exchange Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

“Featured Artist”, August, 2007, Art Exchange Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

“Al Bahe, Solo Exhibition”, November 8, 2008- March 15, 2009, Smoki Museum of American Indian Art and Culture, Prescott, AZ

“Cover Artist”, August 2009, Santa Fe Circle Magazine, Santa Fe, NM

Enjoy the traditional and artistically excellent work of Al Bahe at the Art Exchange Gallery, 60 E. San Francisco St. Ste., 210, 505-603-4485

Contact: Jeff Tabor (Owner).



“Beautiful Earth Mother”
Acrylic on canvas
“Amoung The Ancestors”
Acrylic on canvas
Sold! $3200
“Sacred Ground”
Acrylic on canvas
“All is Beautiful”
Acrylic on canvas
“With Honor”
Acrylic on canvas
36″x24″, Sold! $4500
“Crow Mother”
Acrylic on Canvas
 Navajo Portrait Hosteen Klah
“Sacred Dance”
Acrylic on Canvas
57″x36″   Sold
“Prized Possessions”
-Acrylic on Canvas
60″x40″ Sold
*Giclee Prints
(paper or canvas)
“Hosteen Klah”
Acrylic on Canvas

Ross Barbera

Ross Barbera, NY, I am a Long Island, New York based representational landscape and figurative painter. My primary subject is the northeast landscape, and of particular interest to me is the interaction between land and water.


“Somewhere Near the Beaverkill”
Acrylic on Canvas
“Bash Bish Falls: Downstream”
Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Paper
“George & Jeff”
Acrylic on Paper
“Bash Bish Falls”
Acrylic on Paper
“Blades of Grass”
Acrylic on Paper

Dan Brook


Dan BrookDan Brook was born on a ranch in Oklahoma. His artistic talent was evident from childhood. In the fourth grade, Brook entered a youth art show. His drawing was so advanced, the judges accused him of tracing it from a photograph. After graduation from Baylor University, he studied under internationally recognized portrait sculptor, Dr. B.N. Walker. It was then that his talents were combined with the disciplines of the old masters.

Now, his direction is to convey Natives as truly Native and truly human, without chliche’ or stereotype. “Belly Laugh”, a piece showing a mother blowing on her child’s belly, is the first of this series. “Indians are people. They like to laugh like anyone else”, he says with a smile. “My overall goal is to use the gift God has given me and for people to see Him in my work.”

Also an accomplished foundryman, Brook does all his own casting, making his pieces truly the work of his own hands, from start to finish.

Dan’s work is sought after in both the public and private sectors.


"Native Lovers" Warrior Little Fisherman
“Native Lovers”
Beautiful Lucite Acrylic
Bronze/wooden base
“Little Fisherman”
Bronze/wooden base
“Fishing Lesson”
Bronze/wooden base

Norma Brown


Norma Brown

Norma Brown is an artist of versatility and style.  Working primarily
in oils and in an American Impressionistic genre.  
Her work has received many awards locally and nationally and is
in collections in the U.S., Europe and South America.
Her compositions feature landscapes, still life and figures.
She began studying art as a child at the Philbrook Museum of Art,
Tulsa, and has continued serious studies privately and at the
University level.
Her studies have prepared her for many years of one-woman
shows and teaching workshops which she enjoys.
She has particular interest in painting the landscapes of Texas,
New Mexico and Colorado.
Norma has traveled and painted in England for portions of the last twelve years.
She spends many hours a week in her studio when she isn’t
Norma and her husband have three grown sons.


palaceofthegovernors 8X10_OldManInTheDoorwaysm 12X16_MountainAspensm
“Palace of The Governors”
oil on canvas
20″x10″  Sold $895
“Curiosity” Framed
oil on canvas
“Mountain Aspen”
oil on canvas
bluebonnetssm 12X24_WhiteAspensm
“Blue Bonnets”
oil on canvas
“Aspen Grove”
oil on canvas

Quanah Burgess

Painter/Comanche Artist
Recent Paintings

Quanah Parker Burgess is a 4th generation Comanche artist from Layton, Oklahoma.  On his maternal side, he is from the Quahada, (Antelope/Antelope eater) band, and Penateka, (Wasps) on his paternal side.  Quanah is named after his maternal great-great grandfather; Quanah Parker, who was the last war chief of his people.  Enjoy this bright, positive, energy filled work by a talented young artist!
photo with quanah and teepee

Art Exchange Gallery is proud to have this bright new artist!

Comanche Victory Song painting
Many of Quanah’s pieces are sold so we are offering several paintings as Fine Art Limited edition prints,  Often called Giclee prints.  
“Comanche Victory Song”  24″x18″
Giclee print on canvas


Blue Chief painting by quanah burgess Portrait of peyote Indian by quanah burgess  Chief painting by Quanah burgess
“Blue Chief”  Sold, $600
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“Peyote Man”
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“Good Wayz”  Sold, $600
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
Comanche warriors on horses by quanah burgess Comanche warrior on horse by quanah burgess Comanche painting by quanah burgess
“Comanche Brothers”
Giclee print on canvas
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“Back from the Hunt”
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped

Comanche painting by quanah burgess
Comanche painting by quanah burgess Comanche painting by quanah burgess
“Buffalo Prophet”
Giclee print on canvas, wrapped
“Painted Ponies 1″
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“Painted Ponies 2″
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
painting by comanche artist, quanah burgess painting by comanche artist, quanah burgess painting by comanche artist, quanah burgess
“Prairie Rain”
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“Storm on the Mesa”
Acrylic on panel, painted edges
“Red Mesa”
Acrylic on panel, painted edges
Portrait of Slash by quanah burgess comanche painting of warrior on horse by quanah burgess  bear
Acrylic on canvas, wrapped
“White Shield”
Giclee print on canvas
Acrylic on canvas

Quanah was born in 1975 and raised in several states on different Native American reservations due to both parents, Ronald “Tachaco” Burgess, Ph.D., an artist, and his mother, La Nora Parker, a counselor pursuing their degrees during his childhood.  Quanah feels that being exposed to different tribes and cultures has influenced his art.  His family settled in New Mexico and Quanah graduated from high school in Santa Fe.  He considers Lawton, Oklahoma and Santa Fe, New Mexico his “home”.

He started his professional career by selling his first painting in 1996 at the Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia.  His paintings are a reflection of his tribal heritage and history.  He gives accolades to his fellow artists before him.  Their work and techniques inspired Quanah by simply observing and admiring their creative artistic beauty.

He currently exhibits his work in numerous galleries throughout the U.S.  His newest gallery is the Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.  Meeting people and sharing experiences enriches his life as much as creating art does.  He says, “I’ve learned all the tools mostly hands-on, and that can’t always be learned in college.  Although, I have received some formal training and it has contributed to the artist that I am today.  I have had some great teachers, and those who taught and encouraged me will never be forgotten!”

“My art is about the history and beauty of my culture.  It’s powerful and has soul.”

Ronald Chee

Navajo (Dineh) ArtistRonald Chee

Ronald Chee was born in Gallup, New Mexico, in 1961, into the “Towering Rock People” and “Bitter Water People” clans.  Both of his parents are enrolled members of the Navajo Nation.

Ronald believes that his innate talent as an artist comes from his parents who were both traditional Navajo silversmiths. Many of Ronald’s uncles and cousins are painters and silversmiths. His grandmother is a traditional Navajo rug weaver. Ronald began to draw and paint at about fours years of age; his favorite subject matter was the horse. His first works were in pencil and watercolor. Later (in 1994) he began painting with acrylics and in 1997 was introduced to oil-based etching inks, and the monotype printmaking process.


These images were on display at the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, February 4th – April 1st, 2005

Yeii Yeii War Dance Yeii- Abstract
“Yeii” “Yeii- War Dance” “Yeii- Abstract”
Half Breed Twin The Bull
“Half Breed “Twin” “The Bullt

Chee is primarily a self-taught artist. He has taken some art classes so that he could better define his work and to begin to learn the language of art as well as something about art history. Today, Ronald continues to develop his artistic ability as a painter and is constantly searching for new ways to interpret his art. Of particular interest to Ronald are the Navajo myths about the ye`’ii.

Through traditional oral teachings and “sacred sweats”, Ronald has embraced the ye`’ii myths. He paints the ye`’ii as abstract impressionistic interpretations of the environment. Ronald shares the meaning of ye`’ii with his patrons by depicting the spirit of the environment as stages of emergence of the Dine’ through different world periods.  Through the different worlds, the Dine’ encountered all the elements and particles that would eventually become all living life. Thus, the Dine’ believe that we as a people are connected to all living matter in the spirit and physical worlds.

His work has toured nationally with Artoire out of Sag Harbor, NY. He also participates in various juried Indian art shows such as: The Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market, Phoenix, AZ; SWAIA Indian Market, Santa Fe,NM; Southwest Museum Indian Market, Los Angeles, CA; Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market, Phoenix, AZ; and Museum of Man Indian Market, San Diego, CA.

Ronald wishes to thank the many collectors who have continued to support his work and his efforts as a Native American Indian artist. He was recently given a show at the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles. It runs through April, 2005.

Moises Colmenero








Moisés Colmenero


Artist, Moisés Colmenero was born on February 13, 1958 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.  His passion for art started at the early age of 10, as he started drawing portraits. Seeing his talent and eagerness to learn, his mother sent him to Bellas Artes art school in his native city of Guadalajara at the age of 13. There, he received his first award as the top student in his class. At the age of 14, Moisés started working for an art workshop in Tonalá, Jalisco, México painting many landscapes for exportation.  Years later, Moisés and his family moved to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México where he attended the school of arts at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. Moisés then started specializing in realism, and as the years passed he has acquired a very special interest and talent for impressionism. He takes much joy working in impressionism because of all the different colors and textures, and because for Moisés, “it’s a dream come true.”


aspensmountains1 aspensandevergreens1 sangredecristoaspens1
“Aspens & Mountain”
oil on canvas
10″x8″ Sold
“Aspens And Evergreens” Framed
oil on canvas
10″x8″ Sold
“Sangre De Cristo Autumn”
oil on canvas
autumnaspens1  aspen  aspengoldII
“Autumn Aspens”
oil on canvas
14″x11″ Sold
oil on canvas
“Aspen Gold II”
oil on canvas
 aspenpathway  aspengoldglow  aspengoldwhite
“Aspen Pathway”
oil on canvas
“Aspen Gold Glow”
oil on canvas
“Aspen Gold White”
oil on canvas
 ”Marilyn Monroe”
oil on canvas

Trinon Crouch

Here is a wonderful article about Trinon Crouch that was written by a noted Santa Fe author, John Welsh.  Check it out.

There is a great video on as well,

Trinon Crouch, a native of the Southwest, is a paiTrinon Crouchnter with over thirty years of art experience. He received his first art award in 1968 when one of his oil paintings was selected to show in the
World Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas. Crouch has continued his search for his own personal expression since that time.

Graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Crouch left El Paso for Jackson, Wyoming, where he lived and worked for five years. The power and awe of the Grand Teton mountains and the Snake River increased his interest in painting landscapes. For five years he hiked, sketched and painted In Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Returning to El Paso in 1980 to assume a teaching position at El Paso Community College, Crouch taught commercial illustration and art history, and worked as a fashion illustrator. During this period he continued to paint the desert, west Texas plains and the Gila wilderness of southern New Mexico. While in Texas, Crouch had several one-man shows and his work was enthusiastically collected as it still is today.


Late Summer Crisp Day Autumn Glow
“Late Summer Thunderhead 2″
Oil on Panel
“Crisp Day”
Oil on Panel
“Autumn Glow”
Oil on Panel
After the Rain Sangre de Cristos Blue Screen Door
Sunset After the Rain”
Oil on Panel
“Sangre de Cristos In
Early Spring”
Oil on Canvas
12″x16″ Sold! $950
“Blue Screen Door”
Oil on Canvas
12″x16″ Sold! $950
figure in aspen forest
“Sherie Standing in the Aspens”
Oil on Canvas Panel
Yellow Aspens by a river“Big Tesuque Pond” original Sold! $7000
Giclee on Canvas, limited edition prints available. Recent print sale
24″x36″, Sold! $900

In 1983, attracted by the mountains and high desert, he moved to Santa Fe to commit himself fully to a career as a painter. Crouch lived in Santa Fe for twelve years before he met and married his wife Sherie Hartle. They have a son, Dylan.

Expressing the sensations of changing light, air, and seasons are important features in his paintings. Many of his works are done on location, capturing the atmospheric changes with the immediacy of his brushstroke. He states, “I am a hunter of light and weather conditions. I love paintings that express mood. Often a sense of mood or atmosphere in a scene is created by a condition of weather or changing light.”

Crouch is currently featured in the Art Exchange Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jeff Tabor, the owner, states about his work, “Trinon has a wonderful sense of color and mood in his paintings.His full-palette color schemes are very appealing to most everyone. He has received various awards and has sold work in galleries across the country and we are proud to have his work. It is an added bonus that he is a very nice guy as well as a successful

Avery Falkner

Avery is a Professor of Art at Pepperdine University
in Avery FalknerMalibu, CA.Santa Fe Mag

Avery cvr

On the cover of the prestigious
Santa Fe Circle Magazine.

A prolific painter and master
of color, reflections, and shadows,  Avery’s
paintings significantly complement  the
southwest flavor and style.

“Garden” oil on canvas
72″ x 66 Sold! $7000
Oil on canvas



gulf Variegations 2002 #9 Variegations 2002 #4
Avery Falkner
Oil on Canvas”
“Variegation 2002 #9″
-Oil on Canvas
“Variegation 2002 #4″
Oil on Canvas
“Variegation #3″
Oil on Canvas 24″x24″
“Variegation #1″
Oil on Canvas 24″x24″
 ”Construction B
Oil on canvas 24″x24″

Exhibition Highlights:

Solo Exhibitions
2000 – “L A / Light”, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1998 – “New York / New Work”, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

Group Exhibitions
2002 – “From the Barracks, Paintings by Brent Green, Avery Falkner, and Talmage Minter”, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX
2001 – “City Rhythms”, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY
1997- “L A / New Art”, University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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