H.C. Zachry

H.C. Zachry is chairman of Zachry Associates, an Abilene/Dallas advertising, research and fund raising company. He is also chairman of Zachry Publications, a state-wide magazine and directory publishing and conference management company, and partner in Caswell, Zachry, Grizzard of Dallas, an endowment development company. He is owner of Zachry Studio/Gallery, Inc.

A life-long artist, his images are owned by several hundred individuals and corporations nationwide. He has a BA in Graphic Design.

Painting in an impressionistic manner has been a career-long goal. Not because it is easier or faster. I have found that painting “loose” is more difficult than painting “tight.” But, perhaps that’s just me — Someone else might not have that same experience. Richard Schmid has a great quote, “Loose refers to how it looks, not how it was painted.”

Painting by putting splotches and blobs of color on the canvas to represent an object, rather than painstakingly “painting” the object exactly, creates a more interesting visual, in my opinion. So I strive to do that. The viewer’s mind is compelled to fill in the paint gaps and to blend the colors and brushstrokes into a completed visual entity. A “loose” or impressionistic paint application leads to a more engaged viewer. The viewer eye/mind helps paint the picture.

A community advocate, his civic involvement includes one or more terms as president, chairman and/or trustee of 27 public organizations.

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