Richard Tashjian

Born in Chelsea, MA. in 1926, Richard served in the U.S.N.R. World War II 1944-46 as a photographer and later graduated from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, 1950. He studied design under Prof. Gyorgy Kepes at M.I.T. School of Visual Design Architectural Center Cambridge, MA. Richard’s talents resulted in a successful career in advertising art, where he worked as a commercial artist and art director for various distinguished ad agencies throughout the Boston area. For several years, he owned and operated an art studio and gallery in Watertown, MA.

EDUCATION: Museum School  of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. 1950
MILITARY: World War II, U.S. Naval Reserve 1944-46

A.S.A. Ara S. Boyan Award in Humanities              1975
for the contribution to Living Arts-Bromall, PA.
Stone & Webster Arts Festival, Boston, MA.            1978
First Prize-Watercolor Medium                            1979
First Prize-Graphic Prints
Visiting Artist Honored Medal                                1990
100th Anniversary of Hovhaness Aivasofski
July 22, 1990, Theodosia Crimea Russia
SELECTED One Man Shows:
Brockton Art Fuller Memorial Museum Brockton, MA   1972
Secretary of State Office-Boston, MA State House     1975
Newton Public Library Newton, MA                            1978
AGBU Art Gallery New York                                     1979
Armenian Library and Museum of America               1990
Watertown, MA.
Editions Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.                                1997
Grunthal Gallery, Taos, NM.                                    1999
Editions Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.                                2002
Paxton McCall Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.                      2002
Wilder Nightingale fine Art, Taos, NM.                      2002
Editions Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.                               2006
Ararat Quarterly Issue No. 53 AGBU NY.                              1970
The American Review Saruyan Memorial Issue Boston, MA.   1981
Ararat Quarterly Issue No. 73 AGBU NY.                              1978
Listed Who’s Who in the East                                            1991
Listed in the German Artistic Encyclopedia                           
Cultural Artist of All Times and Nation,
F.G. Saur Munich-Leipzig
Soviet Emigre Artists Life and Work in the USSR &
United States M.E Sharp Inc., Armonk, NY  London            1985
Minas AAA Publishing, Canada                                          1996
My Travels Thru Armenia, Tashjian                                    1980
Art Studio, Watertown, MA.
Armenian artists Association of America, Watertown, MA.
Boston Visual Artists, Union, Boston, MA.
Copely society of Boston, MA.

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